Melbourne's most notorious word-of-mouth salon for incomparable hair colour and ready to wear shape and texture.

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Tommy Ward has contributed alongside KEVIN.MURPHY for COCO CHANEL.

Shared beauty and style tips with actor, Kate Winslet.

Worked nationally and abroad for numerous fashion brands, photographers, celebrity make up artists and made-it models such as Jessica Gomes and

mama of 3, Miranda Kerr.


After relocating from Sydney's saturated fashion circuit, Tommy got a foot in the door at Melbourne's prestigious shibui hair salon (South Yarra.) He trained under the tail comb of his favourite mentors by observing various classic, and contemporary cutting techniques, using free-hand methodology to evoke structure, softness and balance to his craft. This approach was intrinsic to his early learning composition, offering an acquired 'sixth sense' for subject suitability, making intuitive on-the-spot decisions based not only on face shape but lifestyle characteristics, personalities, attitudes, as well as preserving the nature of hair types. Tommy advanced into receiving a senior role within his second year of on-the-floor training - Adding to the legacy brand's popular and exciting league of tastemakers, and innovators, Whilst scaling a public profile that was indicative to the shibui brand.

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In 2016, having ended a 14 year adornment for salon culture and branded salon institutions, he uncovered new ground with a career-long collaborator, trusted friend and co-founder. Melbourne's most in-demand,  colourist Rebecca .

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The pair went on to prototype a new service platform. An idea in hope to revitalize a dying culture- That in retrospect, would involve growing a community.


This dream required months of preparation and hardcore innovation. A cultivating of finances and humbling confidence for strong execution.  An idea that was so bold, it felt out of reach, leaving their big-dream idea, too impossible to amuse.


On Four, building up to 5 years rounding off, they still wipe sleep from their eyes convinced that it was all but a dream.  

LAND DE KOMMUNE became a legitimate business established from May of 2016 to the present day. It has survived gale force winds, hailstorms and a global pandemic.


We improve on our covid-safety by regularly upgrading our digital and physical landscapes. 


We're known for coming up with new innovations within studio-to-street- content supporting freelance creative culture.  


We create with a sustainable edge and deliver home haircare solutions for clients near or remote.


We were not alone on the journey. Much grace and gratitude for all who've  supported us. Thank you.

And a very special thank you to Andrew Su, Nick and the Karamitsos family. 


And we are honoured to pledge our acknowledgement to the original custodians of Wurrundjeri, The grounds on which we play, learn, dream, and create better. It's in our hearts to acknowledge conciously the- past, present and future generations of your people, their LAND will never be seeded and your culture will never be lost. 

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