Big changes are on the horizon.

My dear friends / Creatives / newbies and long standing clients. I have some very important news which may require your support, a smidge of love, kindness and much understanding. 

For many of you whom may or may not have noticed, there has been a dramatic decrease limiting the availabilities in regards tp appointment for cutting services.

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Why is this happening?

Because I've just bought a house! And for heavens sakes, to make things even more difficult for us all, This timely project renovation, but yet-to-be a successful and sexy and smooth country manor,  which (mind you,) Once finished, are most welcome to visit on your travel to wine country,. Yes, it just happens to be painstaking located yet pleasantly positioned, far away from Clifton Hill, in the tree tops of the Adelaide Hills.


The bobcat is almost booked and my finance and I are currently shopping for sledgehammers - For those experienced homemakers out there, you know the reality and truth to this. It may take months, years or several fucking years to transform an old stone house on a hill to the quality and standard without blowing over budget and uncompromising our overall vision.

So you can see how this appears to be the ultimate the dys-funct situation and possible career suicide! But if we can all try-on my rose tinted eye glasses and look through the lens like a good old fashioned optimist, Then I am truly confident we can all still make our appointments work- Just with a little more careful planning, kindness and consideration.  


Phase one: 

I will be limiting to accept appointments starting as of now to only occur from

Thursday through to Saturdays. 11am- 8:30pm

(from the month of April I'll be offering a new service which is a mobile service option where I can conduct hair services at / in your home.) But none the less all bookings from the site will take place at Melbourne's no 1 colour spa COLOURIST REBECCA SALON 


Phase two: 

I will stay away in 2 months blocks and then return to for one whole week at COLOURIST REBECCA SALON

This experience has been truly disruptive which I apologise for! In fact it may even be one of the most unpredictable, and unforeseen happenings, I'd ever had imagined for my business and my future-self.

But with all that said, I've never felt so sure in my body and mind that this decision is completely aligning for me, from each angle depth, sense, and aspect ratio of absolution.


I know, it's been a big dirty secret which I've been keeping from you for such awhile. But now, I don't have choice,  It feels like the right time for me to come forward and share this information / journey with you.

6 years ago, My best friend Rebecca Strain and I dangerously engaged in a shared fantasy, til one day this dream had been manifested, and escalated very quickly into the open palms of reality. An idea of a space that would produce intrigue and the element of surprise. A place with no borders, or bridges that divide. We invited the world in, and we observed it all. Day and night, night and day. We attracted creators of all types to do and run riot as they pleased. We handed everything we had unconditionally, our sincerity, attention, privacy, and protection. We watched them as they danced around, challenging and exploring their freedom, real freedoms, with virtually no limit. They learned here, that they had voices, expressed their needs without  judgement , exercised desires,  pain, triumphs. one of us how it would at risk in would unite artists from all cultures divided, creating a community that encouraged all walks of life to create fearlessly, freely and and deepen their interests, to unearth vulnerability, to authenticity and to grow comfprface with . and unforgettable  experiences under the one roof. It is exactly what happened- We did what we set out to do. We have developed extensively, and bonded creatively, in all directions possible -  beyond our or anyone's wildest imaginations, We grew tall, and challenged obstacles, to a community that - and that  LAND stands for Local Artist Network Domain and 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.