The talented & smouldering, MADDY HERBERT is not only The singer / songwriter for Velvet, but a song collaborator for a number of musical acts, on the local and international scene, It's no question why this 'would be diva,' admits she couldn't think of the last time, her hair received any love or pampering. So, EDITORIAL LAND SALON invited her into a session, gifting her with a complimentary cut and colour service, she couldn't resist. "Let's just call it a pre-spring glow up!" says Rebecca Strain, leading colourist and co-founder of Land de Kommune. By applying a classic french technique that will achieve a gradual, sun-kissed effect- Maddy will dramatically look lighter and brighter with minimal harm or damage to Maddy’s midlengths or ends. (see hair painting in salon services, in link) This allows Maddy to time-stretch between services, as her 'natural,' will blend through which gives her ample time on the road. VELVET BLOOM and the Devito Collective will be touring the country in Spring so don't forget to check them out or download their new single, "Teach ya," on itunes. www.instagram/