The Foreword.

Where shall we start? 


We are sleep deprived artists-in-business, who advocate investment for innovation, creativity & design. 


Our devotion and active response is benevolently dispersed through a variety of public showcases & projects.


LAND stands for LOCAL. ARTIST. NETWORK. DOMAIN. Which are the basic fundamentals, congruent with our brand. 


'De Kommune' translates to; 'Of, or from the community,' which can also be read as 'Commune,' which sits closer to our truth. 


by surrendering to the complementary, one can easily grasp, 'Kommune philosophy.' 


A concept that is exercised through 'the pairing' & 'sharing involving two or more natural elements.

Elements that seamlessly go- together, that undeniably 'click' to work! This chemistry or keyed ignition, can offset & animate, the human experience. 


Having said that, we never 'discourse,' the exclusion of experimental reasoning. 


Through layers of regimented conditioning, we  forget that the most purposeful roads are the highways that tour our illusions. 


Finding a balance that mirrors our true reflections can only be achieved after exhausting the alternatives.