Woman by Kate Carnegie

Kate Carnegie latest body of work ‘Woman’ a showcase of portraits of empowered women from varied ages, backgrounds and ethnicity . Her paintings are bold, expressive and subtly layered with meaning. 


Kate’s body of work is broken into three parts ; a series of large format canvas paintings of figurative female forms, impressions of strong female portraits on canvas, and a collection of smaller line drawings on watercolour paper and text of cryptic thoughts and analysis. 


Her dry and witty placement of text with its random juxtaposition to the female subject gives a tongue-in-cheek insight into Kate’s dry dense of humour.

You can still get yourself some of Kate's work here.

Dangerous Woods by Tommy Ward

Tommy Ward latest body of work ‘Dangerous Woods’ a showcase Tommy's inspiration drew from the late Francis Henry Ward, a father to him and his sister who’s legacy was sharing tales of the sea.


The combination of abstract and figurative paintings are the first series of new collectables exhibited in Melbourne, to the local public.

You can still get yourself some of Tommy's work here.

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