-Artist & Urban photographer.

HIS NAME:    ADAM GABER AKA                               PARALOGOS

HIS AGE:       22years

HIS THING:      Urban photography / streetscapes & people portraits. Usually on the street. 




No formal training or accredited schooling. Works off his own intuition. Recently, got a job as a wedding photographer's assistant which will offer him loads of experience. Time management, organisational skills, knowing the importance in remaining upbeat throughout a long day, which is alot to be considered in a competitive & 'focus' demanding industry.

Adam is originally from Egypt but he migrated to Melbourne with his ma & kid brother. 

Naturally, the shift left a bruise over his heart, but as usual, Adam favoured the positives.

After undertaking such culture divides, It unearthed some lateral strengths. The necessities through 'change' had offset a willingness to observe, to open up, to reflect, and to take aim.


And that's exactly what he did, and right now, he's about to take 'action.' 


 "HISTORIC VS MODERN ARCHITECTURE," On AUGUST 30 Excretes the relationship between two worlds,

the past & the present. 

Showcased are 12 elegant black & white photographs, captured on a Canon 6D.

As an artist, Paralogos identifies his 'niche.' in using monochrome in his own words, by "murdering the colour."

We believe right now and for years to come, his contributions to the art world and our community will prove invaluable.

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Images used on this page lawfully belong to the artist PARALOGOS. These are not images featuring on AUG 30 release but sampled from the artist's  instagram feed. are all ALL rights reserved by PARALOGOS 2020.