Hi Everyone 😀


I hope you and your families are healthy and well.


I’d like to introduce my new website and booking service.

Press the button below and it will take you there!

And if you have any problems or issues please don’t hesitate to call or text me on 0410638534 or email rebeccastrainxx@gmail.com 

I am always glad to help!


Here at 9 Queens parade, Clifton Hill every appointment is exclusive! 

You will have my undivided attention, I choose to have only one client in the salon at a time.

Press the link above, have a read the T&C’s I’ve put together to help keep us all safe and healthy before booking.


The world find ourselves in It is the strangest of times ever imagined.

And it feels like it has happened so quickly.


I understand for many, you would prefer to isolate at home and not visit the salon at this current time.

It’s so important for our emotional health to keep as many relationships going as best we can.

Having activities we can do will help us all while in isolation, especially if the activity has an outcome which makes as feel good about ourselves.


Because of this I have created a new service called ‘Contactless Colour’.


The way it works is we have a consultation video call, from there I can pre formulate your hair colour and have it ready to post to you!


I've made a reusable tool kit or if the whole kit is not necessary all pieces can be purchased separately.


The stater kit:




•Colour proof towel

•Colour proof cape


•Section Clip


Once you receive your package there so far there is three choices to book on the website for instructions.


1. A video call appointment.

2. Pre recorded Video.

3. Personalised Written instructions.


So I'm very grateful that this project is keeping me in touch with all of you.


I look forward to see you all in person or virtually!

Thank you for your support,


Rebecca x