About Tommy:

Visual artist Tommy Ward, who also advocates for the sustainable fashion brand, L.A.N.D Of Opportunity (available here) ; incorporates the use of pre disposed
canvases by embodying old surfaces to work from. “I like to persevere through physical challenges, like a true sucker for punishment. ” The artist says. “It's enabling a process and experience that feels regenerative. Adding a new element and personal value to objects/materials that were once considered to be lost or long forgotten. I like to find the beauty in everything, even in the most positively ugly surfaces, in which case.. lies in the eyes of the beholder."   


Ward's latest body of work, ‘The Dangerous Woods,’  is about a story of, 'intrusion.' A silent observer, which is captured iconographically and depicted through a series of many self- metamorphosis. The combination of abstract and figurative paintings are the first of new collectables exhibited in Melbourne,  He sold 9 of his works on opening night.